CHAT is Dr. D's signature life coaching approach. Using a blend of insight, wit, humor and spirituality,

she teaches skills, tools and techniques that have been proven to work, so that you can

Challenge, Heal, Address and Transcend anything that is getting in your way.

CHAT with Dr.D

Please Note: Coaching services and practices are not intended to serve as a replacement for psychotherapy, nor do they alone meet the mental heath treatment needs of individuals who struggle with mental illness.  This is a service for individuals who want to move from normative functioning to optimal functioning with guidance to help show them how and to push them hard along the way.  

“I've had the pleasure of being coached by Dinorah and watching her coach others.  I love working with her because I think that she hears and understands where I am coming from, yet is totally willing to challenge the things that I may be holding onto that don't serve me."

-Natalie Gray, Life Coach (Colleague)​

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“When I first got to Dinorah I was tired, burnt out, and had hit a road block. Now, my life is very different in meaningful ways; I can say no to things and am soulfully happy with the space I occupy. Dinorah has the gifted ability to dig deep and pull out the knots and bumps in the road.”

- Maria (Client)

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“I look forward to my meetings with Dinorah.  Her sessions are insightful, supportive and full of knowledge.  She allows me to observe the ingress of ideas and thoughts hidden deep within my soul.  I exit each session with tools and ideas that enhance my growth."

​- Patrice L. (Client)​